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NEW! Wide Format Flatbed Color Scanner Complete ScanStation Solution Scan to Network, USB, Tablet, Phone or Device No PC Required!

Large format color flatbed scanner for documents up to 18.5 x 25″ 

Backlight option for transparent source material, like X-rays

WideTEK® 25-650, the world´s fastest large format color flatbed, covers applications in every market, whether it is in the medical, government, industrial or graphics arts sector. It scans the full bed (C Size / A2+, 18.5×25″.) at 300dpi color in less than three seconds, which is two times faster than the closest competition.

The new scratch resistant, non-reflective glass plate has been expanded to reach the edges of the scanner, making it 100% protective of the documents laid on it. No more bent or folded edges on your source documents.