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ScanWide XL

New area scan technology allows precise image capture without any motion or moving parts while providing unparalleled speed, extensive reliability and product life.  The rightsizing of lens and sensor achieves an enormous depth-of-field focus zone of up to 8 inches.  Finally, an affordable A0+ / E+ size overhead area scanner with outstanding speed and image quality.

Drawings and Maps.

Scan Anything with ScanWide XL

Books and Atlases.

Scan Anything with ScanWide XL

Framed Artwork.

Scan Anything with ScanWide XL

Objects and Artifacts.

Scan Anything with ScanWide XL

Scan Everything.


A0+ / E+ SIZE

The Scan Anything Scanner


Versatility. Scans anything and you don’t have to turn it over or put it in a plastic sleeve.  All with sturdy, bright  positional lighting and optics with enormous depth of field.

Reliability. No moving parts during the scanning process and no glass to scratch.

Productivity. It’s easy to setup a job and it scans really fast.

Flexibility. The ScanWide XL is the perfect fit for almost any scanning need:

    • Artwork (Framed or Unframed)
    • Documents- Architectural / Engineering Drawings and Maps
    • Fabrics, Textiles, Clothing
    • Building Materials- Wood, Brick, Stone, Textures
    • Newspapers- Just press button and turn page, no need to take apart and re-sequence the pages afterward
    • Books, Atlases, Folios and other bound materials (Regular and Oversized)
    • Fragile originals, irregular scraps. No need for document sleeves / carriers
    • Cultural Heritage, Museum Artifacts, Jewelry, 3D Objects (Preservation)
    • Mylar, Vellum, Parchment originals- No glass to scratch. Paperclips, staples and tape, no problem!

Camera Scanner Table
Custom manufactured steel table, digitally fabricated.  Table sits on caster wheels or leveling feet.

Single 120 MP Camera Module
RGB CMOS color sensor produces high resolution images without seams to stitch or any mechanical movement during a scan whatsoever.

Adjustable Lights and Camera Height
Position lighting to get the effect you desire.  Shoot smaller objects at higher DPI (300-1200).

Depth of Field
4”- 8” depth of field where objects are in focus, depending on lens and aperture settings.

Live Preview
See what you’re really scanning in full detail before capturing to file.

Made in USA
TAA (Trade Agreements Act) compliant.  Can be purchased by all US government agencies and military.

ScanWide XL

Professional high-speed production scanner for capturing all objects and media types.  ScanWIDE XL is half the cost of the nearest competitor A0 / E-size overhead area scanner without sacrifice in speed or image quality.

icon_menu circle_alt2 icon Single Camera Area Scanner
120 MP CMOS RGB Color Sensor
No seams to stitch, no shutter to fail and no mechanical feeding or movement during scanning
icon_box selected icon Maximum Scan Area
Table Size 52” X 36” (1320 mm X 914 mm) ISO/DIN A0+ / ANSI E+ Size
You can scan really big stuff. Depending on lens selection, you can scan items LARGER than the table
time icon Scan Speed
less than 3 seconds, 24-bit color full resolution
It scans really fast
icon_zoom in_alt icon Optical Resolution
300 – 1200 dpi
Crystal clear images
arrow_carrot 2down_alt2 icon Depth of Field
Up to 8” (200 mm)
Gives you the flexibility to scan just about anything you can put on the table surface
icon_circle empty icon Lens Options
25mm, 28mm and 35mm; Nikon F-mount
Use the lens that works best for your media and environment. 25mm accommodates low ceilings
icon_search 2 icon Live Preview
Real live preview from camera prior to scanning
See actual scanned image on screen prior to capturing file
arrow_left right_alt icon Interface
USB 3.1
No additional interface board or special cable required
icon_lightbulb_alt icon Lighting
Dual articulating 24” X 12” (600 mm X 300 mm) LED panels, 16000 lumens, fully integrated without separate light stands
Bright light source that you can manipulate to get the lighting effect you want; 3D shadows, etc. without increasing footprint
world icon Country of Origin
Trade Agreements Act (TAA) compliant

ScanWide XL

The most versatile scanner for your money, it’s the “Jack of All Scanners”

icon_box checked icon
Scan oversize books on a V-cradle…
icon_box checked icon
Scan framed artwork and even capture the frame!
icon_box checked icon
Get the lighting effect you need when scanning 3D objects